1. We extend a warm welcome to Rev. Eric McLachlan, our Locum, who will lead us in morning worship today.
2. All are invited to remain after the service and meet for tea and coffee and a time of fellowship in the Large Hall.
3. Anyone needing to contact the Locum minister (Rev. Eric McLachlan.B.D. M.Th.) can do so either by telephone (0141 810 5789) or by email: eric.janis@virginmedia.com
4. RESIDENTIAL HOME SERVICE: There will be a service this afternoon at 2.30 p.m. in Rannoch House, Cleveden Road.
All welcome.
5. REVIEW OF GIVING: District Elders are asked to pick up the Review of Giving envelopes from the table in the Session House and please arrange to deliver these as soon as possible. Thank you.
6. UNLOCKING THE WORD: Wednesday 22nd November at 10.30 a.m. All welcome.
7. COMMUNION: SUNDAY 3rd DECEMBER: On Sunday 3rd December, we will be serving Communion starting with Row 12 and moving forwards to Row 1 and we would invite everyone to sit in this area. If you still prefer to sit in your normal seat and wish to receive Communion, please move forward during the Communion hymn. Row 12 will be clearly marked at each end of the row by some red cord. As before, we will not be serving any further back in the Sanctuary.
8. FOODBANK: A reminder that the need continues and further contributions will be greatly appreciated. Contributions will be collected next Sunday as this is the last Sunday of the month.
9. BOOK GROUP: The next meeting of the Book Group will be on Monday December 4th at 7.30. Our chosen title is 'The Outrun' by Amy Liptrot, and the poetry theme is the healing power of nature, or Orkney.
10. CHRISTMAS STALL: Bring your surplus Christmassy goods - cards, paper, decorations etc etc on Sunday 3rd December onwards. Goods will be on sale on 10th and 17th. No prices - donations going to the British Red Cross Emergency Appeal for Syria.
11. CHIPPY AND QUIZ NIGHT: The Boys Brigade have now sold over 70 tickets for the Chippy and Quiz night on Saturday 2nd December. This is your last chance to book your place at the social event of the year. Please see Kenny Cumming today after the service or email allanwatt74@gmail.com
12. OLIVE TREE: Mrs. Juliet Robb of Olive Tree Scotland, a small voluntary group based in the west of Scotland, will be present in the Large Hall on Sunday 3rd December. Juliet has been with us before as a regular at the Charity Fair every April. She has just returned from Bethlehem bringing lots of beautiful things which will be available for purchase.
13. INTIMATIONS: All intimations for inclusion in next Sunday’s order of service should be in the Church Office by 11 a.m. on Wednesday 22nd November. Email: secretary@sjrchurch.plus.com/Tel. 0141 334 0782